Top 3 Highly-Rated PA White Water Rafting Destinations You Should Visit Once In Lifetime

Pa White Water Rafting

Pennsylvania is the love at first sight for the beach or water lovers. From Pa White Water Rafting to numerous water activities and kayaking, it’s easy for everyone to spend some quality time in the water of Pennsylvania. White water rafting is one of the top-rated water sports of this state, and kayaking is also available both in the quieter section and even during the high tides.

Above all, hundreds of water parks are available where you can enjoy different water activities with your fellow friends. However, for trying these activities, you need to gain a permit from Pennsylvania State Parks Department.

Subsequently, today in this article, we’re mentioning the top PA white water rafting destinations you should visit once in your life!

Youghiogheny River

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Youghiogheny River is one of Pennsylvania’s famous rivers and a prominent hub of multiple water activities. This river flows through the Ohiopyle, one of the popular state parks of Pennsylvania. Most Americans visit this place numerous times a year for white water rafting, especially during the monsoons and summers.

There are multiple sections of this river, and each has its own unique characteristics. Youghiogheny River is also known as ‘Yough,’ and the different sections’ names are Lower Yough, Higher Yough. Lower Yough is best for beginners who are new to white water rafting.

On the other hand, the Middle Yough is also ideal for beginners and even for rafting groups. The Upper Yough is super aggressive, and experts can only play the white water rafting game at this level.

Lehigh River

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Lehigh River is situated at the Pocono Mountains and one of the best destinations for PA white water rafting. Lehigh River is divided into three sections like Class I, II, and III. This river flows between the Appalachian Mountains and Pocono Mountains but not aggressive as the Youghiogheny River.

This is the best destination for polishing your paddling skills and organizing a family-friendly white water rafting trip. If you are looking for minimal adventure and interested in trying calm to mild rapids, look no further than Lehigh River. The best time for white water rafting in the Lehing river is peak summers and mild monsoons.

Schuylkill River

Schuylkill River is one of Pennsylvania’s perfect destinations for white water rafting, and many experienced rafters visit here every weekend. This 128 mile long rivers flow through different mountains and offers you breathtaking views of multiple cultural and historical landmarks.

People who are not even interested in white water rafting also visit this river to explore the United States history. Furthermore, many different types of kayaking events are organized near this river. The only drawback of this river is that you’ll sometimes experience sudden high tides, which are unstoppable and inexplicable.

Final Wrap-Up

There are many other destinations for white water rafting in Pennsylvania, which are ideal for rafting throughout the year. It is always recommended that you take a rafting guide or expert with yourself, especially the beginners.

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