Tandem Kayak Tips You Didn’t Know You Need

Kayaking is known to be a relaxing water activity, and experts believe that it can even provide a lot of health benefits. However, tandem kayaks became a thing, and it is a longer, more cumbersome, and more challenging version of a solo kayak. It needs two people who are in sync to make it work.

Some people are a little too afraid to try it because of the level of difficulty. When you finally find the guts to do this, then here are some helpful tandem kayak tips you didn’t know you need.

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Tandem Kayak Tips You Didn’t Know You Need

Tip #1: Launch It The Right Way

Paddling can be such a difficult task, but the struggle does not end there. It all starts with launching it the right way. It is always best to check your kayak if it has everything you need, including your safety gear. What most people don’t know is that launching the kayak the right way is necessary because if you don’t, then it will be almost impossible to get on it since it will lack stability. Keep in mind to not drag it across rocks or sand, and the best way to do it is to carry it to the water or launch it using a standard dock system.

Tip #2: Know Your Role

Another helpful tip when you are on a tandem kayak would be even knowing your role. If you are the front paddler, then you must be the one to control the rhythm. You will be able to paddle freely since the paddler in the rear will be able to see what you are doing and be the one to adjust. Paddling forward is very common, so may simply go for it. 

The rear paddler, on the other hand, must always follow the front paddler since they will be aware of everything that is going on. If you are a rear paddler, it is your responsibility to match your paddling strokes to your partner. Once both of you are in sync, then the kayak will most likely be steered into the direction you both want to.

Tip #3: Timing Is Everything With Tandem Kayak Activities

Always make sure that you and your partner’s timing is right when it comes to forward strokes. Experts say that it is very easy for tandem kayakers to hit each other’s paddles if their strokes are not appropriately timed. Your partner cannot go faster or slower than you, and this mistake is prevalent for most beginners. You both must know how to time your strokes to avoid a collision.

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Tandem Kayak Tips You Didn’t Know You Need

There is a reason why experts believe that tandem kayak is a more challenging activity than the regular one. If you are both amateurs, then it can even be more difficult. So these tips will help you out on your next kayak adventure. There is nothing to worry about since learning and making mistakes can be part of the fun.

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