Popular Spots for Bungee Jumping Costa Rica

The tower of the city

There are several places to enjoy bungee jumping in Costa Rica. We have listed the famous ones below.

Monteverde Extremo Bungee

A person flying through the air on a snow board high in the sky

This is the highest bungee jump in Central America or Costa Rica. Monteverde Extremo Bungee offers high adrenaline attractions. You have to travel on a short tram and cable system to reach a high platform. You can take time to look around and enjoy an amazing view of the forest. The platform is 143 meters and you can take a deep breath and jump into space. It gives you a lovely adrenaline rush. You go in a special cart that moves back and forth across cables. These cables are suspended very high across a stunning valley. It is priced at $80. It is recommended for people over 18 only and the max weight limit is 113 kilos. The person must weigh at least 50 kgs and there will be no exceptions for that. You can also purchase a video made by the guide priced at $20. You can also let your family members or friends watch you perform the jump from an observation tower. The duration is maximum 3 hours. 

Bungee Jumping in San Jose

A man flying a kite in a forest

This one gives you an amazing adrenaline rush. It is above the La Balsa river. You enjoy a lovely view of the forest from the top of the trees. The forest is spread across 500 acres of land with an amazing view. The Bungee jumping arena has 10 cables, 2 hanging bridges, 10 platforms, 1 Tarzan swing, and 3 trails.  The canopy is formed by a network of cables, suspended platforms and towers. It takes you through the treetops of the cloud forest. You can also avail extra activities like rafting level, canyoning, rappel in waterfalls, horseback riding and more. You can enjoy a stunning view of the forest from the top of the trees. The tour starts at the highest point of 500 acres of forest with an amazing view. The guides will take you across the top safety harness and offer you the best climbing gear. After you get a short safety briefing, you can walk to the starting point, glide and enjoy the view. Birds, monkeys, sloths and other small jungle animals will be your companion as your enjoy the Tarzan swing.

Old Colorado River Bridge

This is also one of the popular destinations for bungee jumping in Costa Rica. The Tropical Bungee operates on this bridge. The bridge is spread across a 265 feet deep river. It is therefore, one of the tallest jumps in Americas. It is located only 40 minutes away from the capital of San Jose in Naranjo, Alajuela. The bridge is situated near roads that many travelers use to go to the Pacific Coast. This bridge allows jumpers to experience freefall before the elastic cord pulls them back through the verdant canyon. 

These are the three best places for bungee jumping Costa Rica.

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