Lower Pigeon River Rafting Experience For You

lower pigeon river rafting

The Lower Pigeon River is one of the most beautiful rivers in South Africa. It’s also one of the most dangerous. There are a few ways that you can minimize your risk. One of those ways is to have the necessary experience and training. There are a number of organizations and facilities that can help you learn about river rafting in this area. They will also train you how to properly handle and boat a kayak.

Two of the most important items that you need including an emergency boat that has a winch and a boat tow rope. These two pieces of equipment will ensure your safe and swift travel downstream and upstream of the river. Make sure you have them with you before you leave for your adventure. A lot of people who have experienced river rafting will tell you that some of their worst experiences happened while they were asleep.

Go During The Dry Season

A small boat in a body of water with Yulong River in the background

Another way to reduce your risk is to go during the dry season. There are two main periods when the water levels are at their highest. This usually happens in the spring and fall. During these periods, you’ll be able to find much better water levels and therefore a much safer experience. You’ll also find that the wildlife is much more cautious as well.

When you are preparing for your trip, remember that you’ll be getting out into a large body of water. Don’t go into the water without taking the necessary safety precautions. Even the slightest accident on the river can be disastrous. Some of the most basic equipment that you need includes life jackets for each person, a personal flotation device for each trip and a wetsuit for a man. Most experts recommend that you never go into the water without a helmet or a life jacket unless you are a trained athlete.

Don’t Try Anything Stupid Like Diving Into The Water

A stone bridge over a river

Also, don’t try anything stupid like diving into the water or trying to hold onto something when it starts to go crazy. Pigeons are skilled swimmers and will often go after you if you are in the water, so don’t try anything stupid that could put you in danger. A lot of people have lost their lives trying to retrieve something that got stuck underwater. If you want to avoid losing your fingers or arms in this type of incident, make sure to stay away from the water until you can get out with your hands above the water.

When you are out there on your rafting adventure, don’t just sit and relax. You have to be active. Plan out your next move ahead of time. Plan where you want to go and how long you plan to stay out at each place. If you are taking a couple of days, then figure out where you will be staying and when you will return. Some companies will provide a map and all the other information you will need on your rafting vacation.

Pack Clothing That Is Waterproof

Pack clothing that is waterproof. You will be spending a lot of time out on the water, so you want to be sure that you are comfortable. You also don’t want to have to keep changing clothes because the weather changes. Wear what you are comfortable in, and have someone else bring a sleeping bag and other supplies for you if you don’t feel like wearing them.


Once you get off the river, you will need to wear some kind of a life vest if you are going to stay on the river bank. Bring some sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as sunblock if you are planning to go swimming. Bring a gallon of fresh water and some food and a cooler to pack your water supply. Make sure that you have a GPS so that you can find your way back to the river.

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