Cliff Diving Do’s and Dont’s

You got to admit that even if it seems a little scary, cliff diving is exciting. It is like diving into a pool, but from a cliff into the ocean is more exciting. Some people would love to succumb to gravity to feel weightless.

A lot of people want to try this, but not everyone finds the courage to do it. When you finally find the guts, then be sure to go over some of these do’s and don’ts before you dive.

person diving in water
Cliff Diving Do’s and Dont’s

Cliff Diving: Do’s

Be Mentally And Physically Prepared

Keep in mind that before you decide to go cliff diving, you must be mentally and physically prepared to do it. Some people are sometimes urged or pressured by others. You must not let anyone force you to do activities like these since it can be very dangerous. Being mentally prepared will relax your mind and body. You will be able to visualize yourself when you cliff dive. This is an opportunity for you to calculate your distance before you take off. Being physically prepared is also essential. You should be a great swimmer if you want to try this out.

Check The Rocks

If it is your first time, be sure to let some of your friends dive first so that you can see how they do it. One helpful tip would be to jump as far out and away from the rocks as possible. Your main goal is to dive into the water from a cliff. It is not your goal to break some bones while doing it. 

The Don’ts

Dive Without Knowing The Depth 

One of the most important things you must always do before you dive is to ensure the water is deep enough. It is not ideal for diving into shallow waters since you will most likely get hurt. Take time and do some research if you and your friends haven’t been to the area before. If the water is less than 8 feet, then it is not safe. It is also best for you to check some debris and branches that may be hiding beneath the water.

person jumped from rock cliff
Cliff Diving Do’s and Dont’s

Forget To Breathe Through Your Nose

If you forget to breathe through your nose, then things might not go well for you. It is normal to experience a little pressure once you are suddenly submerged into the water. This can be uncomfortable, so breathing through your nose will help you out. Doing this will also help you in case the water starts rushing up through your nose. It will also help you balance the water pressure in your head. 

These are just some of the most necessary tips you must remember. Dive at your own risk, and it is best not to do it alone. Be sure to always have people with you in case something terrible happens. It is also way more thrilling if you do it with some friends. You must always prioritize your safety so that this fun activity ends well.

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