Best Places That Provide Kayaking For Kids

kayaking for kids

Kayaking is the best way to enjoy with your kids while you are on a beach holiday. There are many places that promise a fun experience when it comes to kayaking. You can go to these places if you and your kids love adventure watersports and love playing in the water. Although, you might feel intimidated when you go kayaking with your kids for the first time it is a great experience.

You have to plan a shorter kayaking as you do not know for how much time your kids are going to sit. There are many places that you can go so that you can try kayaking with your kids. If you are looking for places that provide kayaking for kids, we have a few suggestions that you might like. All these places that have kayaking for kids are great and will provide all the safety equipment that you need. These places are safe and your kid will love the experience of kayaking with you.

Charleston, South Carolina

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While you visit Charleston, you can visit the Folly Creek with Charleston Outdoor Adventures so that you can enjoy some kayaking with your children. You will be told how to paddle the kayak if you do not know that already. Also, you will be given life jackets so that you remain safe at all times.

You can get tandem kayaks so that your kids can ride upfront and enjoy the experience. Your instructor will tell you about the area and the ecosystem which will make the whole experience ten times better. You can kayak for two hours or more here and those hours will be a lot of fun and it will be a memorable experience.

Glacier National Park

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Witnessing the Lake McDonalds from the National Park Glacier is one of the most stunning sights in the world. The mountains looking over the lake and the clear waters is enough for making you jump into the water. But, do not do it as the water of the lake is very rocky and you can get hurt.

You can get a kayak and go kayaking with your kids to make the trip memorable. Your kids will love the experience and they will fall in love with the clear waters of the lake. This is the best way to spend time at the lake and later you can go and have some ice cream at a shop that is present near the lake.

Oahu, Hawaii

For the first time kayaking with kids, Hawaii is the perfect destination as everything is great there. There are many places that offer kayaking for kids in Hawaii but the best trip is to The Mokes. These are twin islands that you can see from Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach. You can learn proper paddling while you are there and if you are feeling adventurous you can also kayak surf a wave. Although, you might want to carry some small size gear with you as some operators do not have it.


These are some of the best places that provide kayaking for kids for an amazing experience. Your kids will remember the whole experience throughout their lives and they will probably want to go again. It is also a great form of watersports and you can go for this activity when you are on a family holiday near the beaches.

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